Brit Fashion: All Wool and a Yard Wide, Part II

Vivienne Westwood - Harris Tweed 1987

Now that we've explored a bit of the history behind the wool trade in the UK, it's time to take a look at the fashions that came to define it.   Guernseys/Jerseys A derivation of the name Jersey, the island in which they were developed, … [Read more...]

Shadow Proclamation Podcast: Article 35.1 – Tales From Time Lord Fest

And here's more from Time Lord Fest, Tampa. This time we're covering these panels: 5:30-5:50pm – Richard Livingston: concept artist from Battlestar Galactica 5:50-6:30pm – Love is a Battlefield: Romantic Relationships in Doctor Who We hope … [Read more...]

Shadow Proclamation Podcast: Article 30 – Vampires From The Theoretical Future


In this episode, Scott and Calliope discuss The Curse of Fenric, its connections to New Who, and say "Revelation of the Daleks" when they mean "Remembrance of the Daleks." They do that last one a few times, actually. All those darn "R" Dalek epsiodes … [Read more...]

Dispatches from Milton Keynes: How to Survive the British snow-pocalypse


Winter has struck the UK.  The specter of a second snow looms over the horizon.  Citizens panic about how unprepared they are for snow while denying the existence of an English winter.  I, for one, just HATE being cold!  While air travelers camp out … [Read more...]