Dispatches from the North: What’s Next?

This year I will be celebrating my third anniversary in Britain. I’ve now been blogging about my life in Britain for over two years. There was a time when I could barely contain all the new interesting things I was experiencing into one blog post a week. A lot happens in two years, I’ve learned to grocery shop, use metric measurements, cope with having no electric outlet in the bathroom, had my first (and second) holiday season spent in Britain, learned to drive a manual transmission, got my UK driving license, took little trips all over this island, studied for my life in the UK Test, acquired my Indefinite Leave to Remain Visa, became a community radio presenter, appeared on BBC Question Time, got a job with a consummate English company…

So I find myself in this first month of 2011 wondering what is next for me. I don’t in any way feel that all of those things lead to one conclusion at which point I can sit back and never seek to learn anything new or experience new things. I simply lack concrete goals of what to do now. It used to be quite simple, get license, get IRL Visa, get job, the rest was just stuff that happened along the way to some pretty clear goals. This is what I have been working toward for two years and almost as quickly as it began, it seems to have wrapped itself up in a neat little package.

So now I find myself in a peculiar situation where I have to get creative. I have the challenge and the opportunity of finding new adventures and projects for myself. Do I want to futher explore community radio? Shall I dive into researching my family’s history (they conveniently come from about 50 miles away outside of Hexham)? Maybe I should task myself with trying every traditonal British recipe I can find. Maybe I will do all of these or none of these or a whole other set of theses, but at the moment I’m left with a bit of a blank page but a wealth of resources and people and experiences to help me write the rest of my story.

This may be the most pointless blog entry I’ve ever written, but much like a commencement speech, its important to mark the end of one chapter in my expat journey and muse about the unknown possibilities ahead.

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  1. avatar says

    I’d be interested to hear about your family history research. I want to find out more about my mom’s family while I’m here, but I don’t really know where to start.

  2. avatarLisa says

    Before he died my uncle had done some research, so I’ve got a list of names, locations and birthdates to start from. The hard part is done, I just want to get go visit the local church there that has records and have a poke around the little town and see what I can find.