Dorset: Bridport by Night

Check out this stunning timelapse video of Bridport Dorset at night. Definitely going to add a visit to Bridport on our itinerary for May.

From the video description:

A labour of love, four months in the making. I moved to Bridport just over a year ago and immediately fell in love with the place. What better way to show my affection for such a place than to make a movie about it?

Shot on a Nikon D7000 camera, producing 16MP stills for a 25fps video. Some shots in this were 30 second exposures, meaning I had to stay with the camera for an hour and a half just to get six seconds of footage.

I see far too many touristy video features about the West Dorset coastline. Too many quaint holiday cottages and clichéd shots of people eating ice cream on the beach. This video was shot in the winter and, for a growing number of people interested in stargazing, shows that Bridport is a fantastic location for seeing the night sky. It is also beautiful at night.

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      • avatar says

        Hi Jonathan,

        There is now a Dorset by Night film. Four and a half minutes long and much better, in terms of picture quality, than Bridport by Night, this film took 4 months to shoot and covers some of the most iconic landmarks of Dorset. Please feel free to write a follow-up piece about the new video. Stills from the project have already been printed in The Daily Telegraph and have appeared on Daily Mail Online, Telegraph Online and AOL Travel UK.