Dispatches from the North: John Darwin Released from Prison

Breaking News up here in Seaton Carew! You really can’t get much closer to the story than I am, as I live only a few doors down from where the Darwins lived while he was hiding out in a bedsit adjoining their seafront home.

This morning as I took my dog for his morning walk I noticed a couple news crews parked along the sea front here. Immediately, I wondered if it might be related to John Darwin, as news crews in Seaton Carew and John Darwin always seem to go hand in hand.

I then opened up the daily local newspaper and saw that it is reported he was quietly released from Moorland open prison in Doncaster sometime in the last few days, some sources even claiming he was slipped out a side door. Prison officials aren’t revealing much about his release, which comes about half way through his six and a half year sentence.

Local news sources are claiming he stayed at a hotel here in Seaton Carew and some locals are claiming they’ve seen him out and about here, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

It is also claimed that his wife Anne, who was given a longer sentence, will be released sometime in the next six weeks.

I’ll update as I learn more! 

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  1. avatardavid says

    someone needs to make a paper mache canoe and leave it outside on the sea front :) a small simple sign on it should be enough something along the lines of south america or bust-ed

    • avatar says

      I don’t have the time fashion a paper mache canoe, but I was considering putting a big sign in my window advertising that I’ve got a china cabinet available for tenancy.

      • avatardavid says

        lol so I have to ask WHY Hartlepool ? you like seeing monkeys in a noose or something ?

        dont the signs there say Welcome to Hartlepool – Please keep driving …AWAY

          • avatardavid says

            I bet I used to go fishing at Harlepool and the only good thing was I was 5 miles out at sea

            you have to admit its not on most peoples places to go live in England

          • avatar says

            Probably not at the top of many people’s lists, but they don’t know what they are missing. Its a great community to be a part of, especially living here in Seaton Carew and waking up to the sun rising over the North Sea every single morning.

  2. avatarRay says

    I live 7 miles from Seaton Carew so I get the advantage of living nearby and visiting the place when I wish.. Born in Hartlepool too… Proud to be a Monkey Hanger.. And there is some rope available if needed.. Good Luck Lisa