Pictures of England – Gold Hill in Shaftesbury Covered in Snow

These pictures were sent to me from someone who lives on Gold Hill and also happens to work in the new Gold Hill Books bookshop located at the top of the hill. She snapped these pictures during the last bout of snow. Frankly, they are lovely. I would give my left foot to sled down that hill. Thanks for sharing them.

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  1. avatarBrad says

    I just got back from England a week ago myself. I was there during the huge storm and it was amazing to see it snow so hard in London. It was very icy and cold and the northern parts of Britain were all but immobilized. It wreaked havoc on my own travel plans. I did not get to see friends in a small village near Reading because the trains were messed up and they weren’t even able to get their car out of their driveway. I also had my flights cancel and rebook 3 times before I could come home. Freaky weather!