Random Observations from Our Trip to England 2009

Luggage is the worst part of traveling.

Driving on the left just feels right.

If you think you’re good at starting a fire – you probably aren’t.

Sometimes, it just makes more sense to take a cab everywhere.

You don’t have enough time to do everything you want to do, even if you think you do.

The British were the most friendly they’ve ever been to us on any trip before and made us feel very welcome.

Terminal Five is awesome. Enough said.

I love British Airways. So what?

I hated the movie ‘500 Days of Summer’ on the airplane. Reminded me too much of previous experience.

Airplane food isn’t that bad after all.

I’m finally in love with drinking tea. I get it now. I now keep a tea stash in my desk at work of delicious Devonshire tea.

Yes, the Brits even do a bathtub tap differently.

Under no circumstance should you turn on international data roaming on your iPhone. Or send text messages.

Gordon Ramsey really knows how to run a restaurant. And cook a delicious steak.

Peep Show is the funniest show I’ve ever seen, it’s up their with Yes, Minister in my book.

When driving in the UK, watch out for Pheasant crossings. Yes, I said PHEASANT.

The fact that the Evening Standard is now free is awesome. It’s better than ever.

Don’t expect a restaurant you last ate at 3 years ago to have the same menu. That was disappointing.

If you want good fish and chips, make sure a local takes you to a place he frequents.

Cathedrals never stop being amazing.

WiFi really is essential to living. It’s up there with water.

If you’re flight from the USA comes in at 7 in the morning in London, take the Heathrow Express into London, don’t take a bus, car or taxi.

The US Embassy in Grosvenor Square is by far the ugliest building in London. On behalf of all Americans, I apologize for it. At least we’re building a new one!

No matter how much I love Britain – it still always feels good to have US Customs say to you “Welcome Home.”

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  1. avatar says

    I totally agree with so much of your observations — especially WiFi! I couldn’t believe I had to — horror of horrors — try to find dial-up Internet in England. So scary!

    I love British Airways, too — their food was awesome. Recently took a trip from Maryland to California — a 5-hour+ flight — and was given a soda. One. Soda. On BA from Baltimore to London, I was served two full meals PLUS beverages — including wine! Unbelievable!

    And you’re right — no matter how much fun it is to be in the UK (really, really fun), stepping foot back on American soil is awesome :)

    • avatarHJ says

      Where did you go that you couldn’t find a Wi-Fi connection? Ben Nevis?

      Practically everywhere has Wi-Fi connection.