Great British Art: The Paintings of Winston Churchill

Churchill in his Art Studio at Chartwell

Many people don’t know that in between saving Britain from invasion from the Nazi’s and keeping the Cuban Cigar Industry afloat, Winston Churchill was an avid painter, and a pretty good one at that.

You can see some of his paintings in the very place her painted them at Chartwell, his home in the Surrey countryside. Since most people can’t make the trek, I’ve found as many of the paintings as I could and posted them here. If you find more, let me know and I’ll post them!

Check at the bottom for links to places to buy Churchill’s art as well as some books on his painting. He even wrote a book about painting himself! You might be so inspired, you will look into going to the Academy of art.”

Churchill Painting
Sunset Over the Atlas Mountains – 1935 in Marrakech



A Convent Painted by Churchill


Being a navy man, Churchill liked boats and water. A scene featuring a harbor by Churchill



Churchill’s “A Study of Boats.” One of his most famous paintings. It was painted in 1933.


Churchill painted “A View From Chartwell” in 1938. Chartwell is considered his own personal Garden of Eden. What’s interesting is that this was painted on the cusp of the beginnings of World War II. A print of this one, I’m proud to say, is on the wall in Anglotopia Towers.
Another Churchill Painting of Morocco.

Another Churchill Painting of Morocco.





The Marlborough Tapestries at Blenheim Palace.

The Marlborough Tapestries at Blenheim Palace.


Winston’s son Randolph reading.








Books on Churchill’s Painting

Winston Churchill Himself wrote a book about painting as a hobby and you can still buy it. It’s definitely on my Christmas list!

Buy Churchill’s own book on painting: Painting as a Pastime

This is another book about Churchill’s Paintings.

Buy Sir Winston Churchill: His Life and His Paintings on

Where to Buy Prints of Winston Churchill’s Paintings

Galleria Fine Art – Winston Churchill Collection
Winston Churchill Fine Art Collection

Browse More of His Work here – Wikipaintings.

Read More at Anglotopia


  1. avatarSarah says

    Thank you very much for this article about Winston Churchill and his painting. I wrote a paper upon the subject of him, and kind of fell in love with Great Britain. So yeah, in short, I adore this website!!!!!! Awesome job.
    Honest Luck, Sarah K.

  2. avatar says

    Great post(s), Jonathan. I’ve been to Chartwell. It was magical, and so beautiful. BTW I just received the most recent BBC America Shop catalogue today (Holiday Preview 2009) and in it is the Academy Award winning DVD of a 1941 film called “That Hamilton Woman” starring Vivien Leigh and Sir Laurence Olivier in their only on-screen romance. According to the catalogue, this was Winston Churchill’s favorite movie and he claimed to have watched it more than 80 times! Thought you’d enjoy that bit of trivia!

  3. avatarMichigan Design says

    I wouldn’t say he was a good painter, an average hobbyist at best. When i saw the first painting on the page though my jaw was dropped, eventually realized it didn’t belong him…

  4. avatarGail says

    Excellent job with this website! Do you have links to other Marrakesh-related paintings, especially his Atlas Mountain and F’na Square scenes? Thanks so much for all of your hard work in creating this site.

  5. avatarpierre says

    ‘Chartwell’ is in the county of Kent not Surrey as you describe, close to the village of Westerham.

  6. avatar says

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  7. avatarMaargaret seville says

    Could you please direct me to actually buy copies of the paintings.

    I live in Canada/

    Thank you very much

    Margaret Seville