Top Ten British Chick Flicks – Best British and English Girl Movies


Wither it’s a slumber party or a bad break up, the chick flick is every girls stand by film. Chick flicks, or girly movies as my husband calls them, sometimes makes us laugh, cry and always cheer for the heroine. Britain has put out some absolutely fantastic chick-flicks in the past decade.

Without further ado ladies, here are my top ten British chick flicks:

1. Bridget Jones’ Diary: I never good sick of seeing this film. It has the perfect combination to be the ultimate British chick flick, cheating boyfriend, drinking, breakups and a happy ending. It think this movie is so successful as a chick flick because, Bridget vocalizes what most women are thinking. We can relate to her blunders and successes.

2.An Education: My husband and I went to go see this film while it was in the theater and I LOVED it! This is a story about a suburban British teenager coming into her own. The acting is superb. I cried and laughed, and wanted to be the main character so many times. This is a must see chick flick!

3. Bend It Like Beckham: This film has been around for a while, but it always feels fresh and fun every time I watch it. It is a unique look into life as a teenager of Indian immigrants, and see the cultural differences between generations. The steamy Jonathan Rhys Myers is also in this film. It is heartwarming and fun.

4. Love Actually;  I originally saw this film in the theaters too, my husband and I counted the days until this film came out on DVD. This flick has it all, hilarious moments, and times that make you want to use an entire box of tissue. This film also contains a wedding scene which equates to bonus chick flick points.

5. Four Weddings and A Funeral; This movie has also been around for a while. What chick flick could be better than a movie containing four weddings! this film is heart warming and a must have for the British chick flick collector.

6. The Holiday; The basic concept of this film is a house swap by two women, one being Kate Winslet and the other Cameron Diaz. One lives in Hollywood, the other lives in a charming British cottage. There is a scene where Cameron Diaz’s character goes to the store and buys wine, after arriving in the UK… Hilarious!!! This movie is the perfect chick flick!

7. Atonement; This is another chick flick gem. The love story in this film starts with a steamy affair and then goes horribly wrong. The film is set against the backdrop of World War II Britain. A classic and beautiful love story.

8. Pride and Prejudice; This film is the retelling of the famous Jane Austen novel. It is filmed beautifully in period detail. Keira Nightly’s performance of the very spirited Lizzy is fantastic. This is the ultimate love story.

9. Calendar Girls; This is a funny yet heart warming chick flick about a group of older women and their quest to raise money for charity. This film was based on a true story. Very touching and fun, a great chick flick.

10. Wimbledon: This film was not wildly popular here in the United States, and I cannot figure out why. A great love story, dabbled in with a disapproving father. This film obviously has tennis intertwined in it too.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. avatarheartphilla says

    I’ve seen all these films! Love actually will always be one of my faves. Carrey Mulligan was brilliant in “an education”! Surprised that “I Capture the Castle” is not on the list. Maybe its not as popular as I thought it was. Haha

  2. avatar says

    And, Jackie, you will appreciate Calendar Girls ever so much more when you are a bit older. I recommend it to every woman I hear stressing about aging. I swear you could be clinically depressed about it, then come out of the cinema with a whole new attitude after this film. I think it’s one DVD that should be covered by one’s health insurance, just like a prescription!

  3. avatarLily says

    I must be an obsessed Anglophile haha, these are my favorite movies-Atonement, Bend It, Love Actually, Bridget Jones, 4 Weddings-I just recently watched the Holiday for the ump-tenth time!

  4. avatarAndrew says

    I see no mention of:

    Truly Madly Deeply with Juliet Stevenson and Alan Rickman.
    Sliding Doors with Gywneth Paltrow and John Hannah.
    About A Boy with Hugh Grant and Toni Collette.

    • avatararfan1 says

      I totally agree with Truly , Madly, Deeply…
      Alan Rickman was great in this film
      Can’t really understand why Nina did that to him. Why? WHY??!!!
      *breathes heavily

  5. avatarAndrew says

    Or how about:

    Educating Rita with Julie Walters
    Shirley Valentine with Pauline Collins
    Or any Merchant Ivory Production.

  6. avatar says

    I would have to put “Sense and Sensibility” on that list! It’s hard to get better than Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson. Oh yeah, and some guy named Hugh 😉

  7. avatarCecilia Cygnar says

    I LOVE Wimbledon and The Holiday. And, of course, BJD. I would also say that BRIEF ENCOUNTER would also apply as a quintessentially British dramatic romance.

  8. avatarBob K says

    I like very much the following b&w movies of the 1940’s

    Pygmalion with Wendy Hiller and Leslie Howard

    I Know Where I’m Going with Wendy Hiller and Roger Livesey

    Brief Encounter with Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson

    Also Calendar Girls for a newer film

  9. avatarKathleen E. Welch says

    With the Movies listed above, I have come on some that Americans probably don’t know about,

    Undertaking Betty
    Caught on a Train Breaking the Waves, Winter Guest Gosford Park Howards End

    Saving Grace Topsy Turvy High Hopes Made in Dagenham The Madness of King George
    Shooting the Past

    Try these on your list, really neat
    From Anglophile Kathleen

  10. avatarScooby says

    I’ve seen all but “An Education,” altho’ I saw a preview for “Ed” on a rented dvd & thought “That looks good; I’ll have to rent that!” BTW, I’ve got a very dominant Y-chromosome, so don’t go thinking these’re just “chick flicks!” A good yarn inevitably entertains across gender boundaries. 😉

    “Bend It…” was good, but highly overrated: Notting Hill easily knocks it out of the top 10, but then you were probably trying to avoid cries of favoritism, what with 4 Weddings & Love, Actually already in there [which are #s 1 & 2 on my own list, in no particular order, tho’ Love Actually may take the lead what with it’s closer attention to a great soundtrack…]

  11. avatarMaureen says

    Where is Notting Hill? Sense & Sensibility? Price & Prejudice BUT it ahs to be the one with the young, divine and incredibly handsome Colin Firth as Mr. D’Arcy! You just cannot leave that one out. Love Actually makes me want to spend a snowy Christmas in London and ice skate at Somerset House . I spent February 1986 in London with lots of snow and ice but it wasn’t quite the same!

  12. avatarslpeg says

    LOL, the intro on the front page as well as the photo mention Notting Hill but it didn’t make the list!

  13. avatar says

    I’ve seen all ten of these, and the only one I’d remove would be Bend It Like Beckham, and replace it with The Girl in the Cafe. I also liked Pirate Radio more than Beckham, though I’m not sure if Pirate Radio would qualify as a chick flick. I also can’t understand why Wimbledon wasn’t more popular in the US. I watch it at least every other year, preceding the tournament.

    • avatarMaryLou Rupp says

      OMG! I love you all. I’ve been an Anglophile for some years and I absolutely love anything with Bill Nighy….secret crush….I will be following this group for sure. I’m home!

  14. avatarnjfitz61 says

    I have to agree with some of your list and also some of the people who commented. Love, Actually is one of my favorites, for the soundtrack and for the varied stories, and the excellent British cast. Truly, Madly, Deeply is one of the most moving and beautiful movies I’ve ever seen. Notting Hill is a true “Rom-Com” and such fun. I enjoyed Bridget Jones (and Colin Firth!!), but wouldn’t say it’s the best ever (Love, Actually–probably), and I love Calendar Girls and Educating Rita, too. And, Sense and Sensibility–combining Jane Austen, beautiful scenery, and a first rate cast (Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon–Oh my!), it would be embarrassing to say how many times I’ve watched this one. I do like Holiday (the first view of that cottage-it’s like an Anglophile’s dream!)
    Thanks for your website, I love it!

  15. avatarLilith Payne says

    Love this list! Have enjoyed every fulm on it, and most of the others mentioned. My favourites – far and away – are “Saving Grace” with Brenda Blethyn, “Calendar Girls”, and “About A Boy”. Saving Grace and Calendar Girls are amazing because they go beyond the chick flick – They are about impossible people doing impossible things against impossibly stacked odds. I think both of these should be covered by insurance as a prescription against depression!

    I love “About a Boy” more than “Love Actually”. It is making me look forward to Christmas and New Year’s in London with my London-born and bred fiance (my own chick flick come true!).

    Splendid list and posts!

  16. avatarNancyK says

    A number of the films you have named are Richard Curtis films. (4 Weddings, BJD, Love Actually, Notting Hill, About a Boy, etc.). Curtis not only knows how to make films for the masses, but he has helped to raise millions of pounds for at-risk children in poor countries in the world. He considers that a far greater accomplishment than his films. My hat is off to him!!

  17. avatarPolly says

    How could you forget ;-
    The Remains of The Day
    The Full Monty
    War Bride
    Dr Zhivago
    Goodnight Mr Tom
    Goodbye Mr Chips
    Shakespeare in Love
    The English Patient

  18. avatarDenise says

    Agree totally with the list but need to add “Sliding Doors”.
    My personal favorite will always be “Love Actually”.

  19. avatarLauren says

    “An Education” is fantastic and I would recommend anyone who hasn’t seen it yet to watch it immediately.

    I would have liked to see “Bright Star” on this list – may not totally qualify since the director and lead actress are both Australian, but it also stars the quintessentially British Ben Whishaw and is about one of Britain’s best poets, John Keats. It’s a very romantic movie but not corny or overly sentimental; the tone of the film is actually very restrained.

    And I’m probably going to have tomatoes thrown at me for this comment, but I recently re-watched “Notting Hill” a few days ago and thought it was terrible. Admittedly that may be because there is no situation in which I find Hugh Grant the least bit attractive.

  20. avatarStar123 says

    I am surprised there is no Brigitte Jones Diary!!! It’s one of the greatest chick flicks ever!

  21. avatarKevon says

    The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. Not a rom-com or romance, but one of the greatest films ever made about how women relate to each other. This was the movie that introduced me to the incomparable Maggie Smith and instantly made her a lifetime favorite of mine.

  22. avatar says

    My husband and I watched Love Actually last night, and I think I must have only seen it on broadcast here in the States, as I didn’t remember the scenes with Martin Freeman at all. They were very funny!
    As for RomComs not on the list, I would have to add “The Decoy Bride” with David Tennant and Kelly MacDonald. Charming and hysterical. “A Room with a View” – Julian Sands and Helena Bonham-Carter, with Maggie Smith, Simon Callow, and a very young Rupert Graves.
    Not exactly a RomCom, but definitely appealing is “Quartet” with Maggie Smith and Billy Connelly.
    And I have to agree – the Colin Firth version of “Pride and Prejudice” is far superior to the Kiera Knightly version.

    • avatar says

      I really liked Matthew MacFadyen better as Darcy. I think he that he portrays the more sad and lonely aspects of the character far better. I have no use for Keira Knightley in anything ever, though, so there is still not an ideal version of P&P for me. Maybe Benedict Cumberbatch will make one one day.

  23. avatar says

    A Room With a View
    Howard’s End
    Sense & Sensibiility

    Oh, if it were only raining and miserable, I’d Netflix all 3 of these in a row and fall into an Anglophilic stupor.

  24. avatar says

    I agree — Notting HIll, Sense and Sensibility, and Remains of the Day need to be added to the list. I have no idea how many times I have watched BJD, Love, Actually, and P&P — they make me laugh and cry and totally give me a new attitude on life!!!

  25. avatarBrian Gillingham says

    Excellent selection of films, especially “Love Actually, my favourite. One “honourable mention” should include “What A Girl Wants”…

  26. avatarSandra says

    I agree with most of the picks, except, as an Austen purist, I have to say that the Keira Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice was just annoying. It has to be the Colin Firth version which stays amazingly true to the book. This is probably an age difference thing. Maybe the author is way younger than me! The same goes with the Emma Thompson/Hugh Grant version of Sense and Sensibility. Although I love both of those actors, that version was not my favorite.

  27. avatarStacy H. says

    Can not agree with Holiday! I found it annoying and predictable! When I first saw Love Actually it was just meh, a little too corny, but have watched several times since and it moves up to Ok. About A Boy should be there instead, and I’m of an age where I like the 1980 Pride and Prejudice with Elizabeth Garvey and David Rintoul ! ( I had such a crush at 14!). Check it out! My Mother’s favorite is Ryan’s Daughter , but way too depressing for me!

  28. avatarHelen says

    It’s got to be the Colin Firth pride & prejudice. Persuasion, dancin thru the dark, north and south and angus, thongs and perfect snogging.