Sunday Photo: Inside the Ruins of Tintern Abbey in Wales For Your Desktop Wallpaper

DSC03281Another one of the highlights of our last trip to Britain was the day we spent in Wales. Our first stop for the day was the moody and atmospheric Tintern Abbey. Tintern is a ruined Cistercian Abbey located on the banks of the Wye River. It’s set beautifully in the Wye River valley and the whole site is steeped in fascinating history.

This photo was taken inside the ruins. I can’t place it on the map of the Abbey, so someone will have to let me know in the comments what room I’m specifically in. But it’s beautiful and I hope the picture captures it well.

Well worth a visit if you’re in the area.



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  1. avatarFrancisca Esteva says

    It’s a magical spot.I quite agree with Jane Austen’s view that abbeys in ruins are an awsome sight.Tintern ona misty day is unsurpassable

  2. avatarLucia Thomas says

    A cousin lives in the Wye Valley! I have visited her but had no idea that Tintern Abbey was nearby. This sounds like a great excuse to go back!

  3. avatar says

    Great article, I lived in Scotland for almost five years. Never took the opportunity to visit Wales. I’m sorry I missed it.

    FYI … It looks like you’re article was autocorrected. “banks of the Why River.”

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