Brit Movie Reviews: The Decoy Bride Review Starring David Tennant and Kelly MacDonald

Many Doctor Who and David Tennant fans have been waiting for The Decoy Bride for some time. It’s had a strange release schedule (being released in Italy months ago for some reason). But it’s finally opened in the USA on the IFC On Demand service. It will open in US theaters in march.

This is David Tennant’s first turn at becoming the next Hugh Grant – i.e. star of British romantic comedies. The question is – does he succeed? We’ll get to that.

The movie starts with a hoax as movie star Lara tries to throw off the paparazzi to keep her wedding to David Tennant’s character secret. It doesn’t work.

David plays a famous, unassuming author named James Arber, who’s engaged to marry the American mega-celebrity. In spirit it could be a sequal to something like Notting Hill. David expertly dons his English accent which is a nice change as he’s mostly used his native Scottish accent in his recent roles.

The main setting is a charming little Scottish Isle called Hegg (it’s not a real place, it was filmed on the Isle of Man). It’s portrayed as the most remote place in the UK – which makes it the perfect place to stage a celebrity wedding. Until the media finds out their grand plan.

Kelly McDonald stars as a romantically inept islander returning home with her tail between her legs. It’s really nice to see Kelly McDonald is a non-serious role and taking a turn at comedy. She’s mostly known in America for her dower and dramatic role in Boardwalk Empire but here she signs as the awkward islander who gets swept up in the celebrity wedding as the decoy bride to throw off the paparazzi.

The movie is charming in the way that only an independent movie about some far off place in Britain can be. The American characters are probably the worst part of the movie and it really could have done without them. They’re so unnecessary that their plot thread is not even resolved at the end of the movie.

There’s a lot in the movie that doesn’t make much sense but that doesn’t make it not fun and charming. I guess just don’t think about the plot too deeply. It has kind of a strange ending but it works. David Tennant could certainly continue playing romantic roles – he gets the comedy timing right and he’s of course charming as always.

Overall it’s a fun little movie and we recommend it.

You can rent it now on IFC On Demand for $9.99 or you can wait until it’s released in theaters in a few weeks time.

If you’re curious – here’s the trailer:

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