Doctor Who – Series 5 Episode 13 Review – The Big Bang – SPOILER FREE!!!

New meaning to the phrase something borrowed, something new, something old, something blue.

What a whirlwind episode. Oftentimes, Doctor Who builds up to massive conclusions that disappoint. That is not the case this week. I don’t plan to give too much away from the episode. However, I plan to write an overall summary/review of series 5 with Matt Smith in the coming days where I’ll talk plot in more detail.

The first act is breathless and the various plot problems created last episode in The Pandorica Opens begin to be solved or made redundant. By far the most interesting aspect is the alternate Earth reality where Earth exists as the only planet, the only anything in the entire universe. How this happens is artfully explained.

There is much jumping back and forth through time and this episode, by far, makes the most use of Time Travel as a plot device. Don’t try to keep everything straight. It will just make your head hurt. Sit back and let the plot unfold and in the end, it will all make sense.

And what an ending! Entirely unexpected yet also expected as this is Doctor Who and the oft made joke is that viewers know the ending to a Doctor Who episode before the writers do. Stephen Moffat did a great job and this two parter has him back on form with some of the best Doctor Who writing. I wasn’t sure about him mid-season, but I trust Doctor Who in his hands.

There are still many unanswered questions from the episode – but it’s the type that will keep people interested and speculating for months to come – and that’s what makes Doctor Who great. My only annoyance is that the major plot point of Pandorica was that all the Doctor’s enemies banded together in an alliance to stop him. However, in this episode that plot device is absent and left in Pandorica. I hope that’s something that gets revisited in the future.

Amy was great. She’s such a dream. Rauri does well. Matt Smith does well. River Song does well but we get hints that we’re finally going to get the full story about her. It can’t come soon enough.

So when is Doctor Who coming back? There will be a Christmas special in 2010. We have that to look forward to. Also, they’ve already begun filming series 6 to air this time next year.

Can’t wait!

What did you think of The Big Bang? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. avatardylan says

    WHAT AN AMAZING EPISODE!!!! it was just fantastic! I loved it so much and i cant wait for the christmas special! 😀

  2. avatarJason says

    Breathtaking, heart-wrenching and captivating in a way that RTD was never quite able to pull off. So wonderfully Moffat and the perfect fusion of Classic & New Who, creating an entirely new vibe for the series to move forward with. Series 5, and its finale, can do very little wrong in my opinion.

  3. avatarJMstk says

    It was a great, whimsical tale. The story had somewhat of a Wizard of Oz feel to it at the end with Amy. Matt Smith is the Doctor.

  4. avatarKelly says

    I loved the episode, too… so many paradoxes… but so fun to follow! I, as well, await the Christmas episode!

    But, just a question… if you’re in the US… you don’t have a UK residency… and BBC America doesn’t have the episode for a while… how did YOU watch it? (If you somehow have the BBC… let me know how you got it… if you watched it through the Internet in some way-shape-or-form… you mustn’t say a thing…)

    (This article brought me to this website… I wonder if I’ll be checking back here more often ;-). )

  5. avatar says

    OH. MY. GOD! That was stupendous! Goodbye big fanboy finales! Hello intricate timeline crossing zany such a GORGEOUS big finish with the TARDIS! It was like something MY Doctor would do.

  6. avatarShapps says

    I’ve been reading your previews and reviews with much anticipation. Now the series has ended..can I ask a favour…can we refer to him a Rory and not Rauri? Prettyr sure that is the modern spelling…

  7. avatarJosh says

    Why am I the only one that misses Russel T. Davies? Matt Smith is great. I really like his doctor. I just felt that this finale lacked emotion. Some of my favorite episodes from previous series were written by Moffat, but Davies brought so much emotion into the big picture of the show. This new series was great for comedy and complexity, but I really missed the emotion of previous finales.