Doctor Who: The 11 Doctors as Muppets

This is awesome and hilarious. Someone has mashed up the 11 Doctors with the characters from Sesame Street.


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  1. avatarCarl Fox says

    Pretty cool, but (aside from Kermit, who’s on both shows), all of these Muppets are from The Muppet Show, not Sesame Street.

  2. avatarMoxyJane says

    Thank you, Jonathan, for this very amusing combo of two of my favorite things! Just had to make a correction, though. The characters are not from Sesame Street, but are the cast of The Muppets, another wondrous Jim Henson creation. Thanks!!

  3. avatar says

    I drew my own versions of Muppet Doctors last year, not as well as these (I draw like a 10 year old and use coloured pencils lol). They’re great, but I do think that Sam the Eagle is better suited to the First Doctor, Big Bird to the Third Doctor, Grover as the Ninth Doctor and Rowlf as the Eight Doctor, at least that’s how I saw them….

  4. avatarDavid Hines says

    The terrific artwork is by SailorPtah, and can be found on DeviantArt here:

    The short version of “how it happened” is that ages ago, there was a discussion of how the Muppet Doctor Who would be cast:

    Sailorptah liked the casting I suggested enough to draw it, gloriously, with some changes (we disagreed on Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor: I’d had Rowlf, rather than Sam; it’s the ears). Meanwhile, the 2010 annual Yuletide fanfiction challenge rolled around, and participant Sageness requested a Muppets fanfic where we saw an performance of the Muppet Show, so I went back to the original casting list as the basis for a short story called, “It’s the Muppet Doctor Who Special, With Our Very Special Guest Star, Matt Smith!” That’s the story Toni cited above, and it’s here:

    We disagree on the Ninth Doctor, and I’m not sure I’m sold on Eleven (though fish custard is *totally* something the Swedish Chef would do), but I freakin’ love Sailorptah’s artwork. My favorite detail is Kermit’s lapel lilypad.