Doctor Whooligan: Season Seven News, Film Update, Tennant In Warsaw, Record Store Day, Once Missing Episodes Getting Screened In Cardiff

Spring brings with it lots of goings on in the world of Doctor Who fandom.  As filming news continues to leak out about Season Seven fans are looking forward to new audio adventures, a thrilling Doctor Who special for Record Store Day and some other nifty things. Plus we have news about the ever popular David Tennant, who is getting ready for some new drama.


It is very sad to report that Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan have begun their final block of filming for Doctor Who. They are leaving in Episode Five of this season and filming has begun on that story.

Here is another hodgepodge of rumors and information on the upcoming season.

Episode Five Filming

Filming has begun on Episode Five. Cardiff filming this week included location work at the School of Physics and Astronomy and The Bute Esplanade. There is location filming taking place in Bristol aswell at The School of Physics and the Institute for Advanced Studies. Location filming is also planned for New York in the coming weeks.

Steven Moffat talked to BBC America about filming in New York:

See location filming pictures for episode five here:

Episode One News

If you like Daleks this is the story for you.

Steven Moffat recently tweeted about the upcoming adventure with the Daleks. It looks like we will see the classic Daleks as well as Daleks from other eras in this story.

Maybe we’ll see Davros?

Episode One features the largest set ever constructed for Doctor Who.

Miscellaneous Season Seven News

JoAnne McQuinn is guest Starring in Episode Three as a character named Sadie. She is best known on UK television for playing Sally Moore in the BBC series Mistresses. No info has been given about her character.

Recent Tweets from the set indicates that Amy will appear upside down in the TARDIS, most likely in Episode One or Five.

David Gyasi (who appeared in Combat from Season One of Torchwood) is a guest star in the forthcoming series. He also appeared in Demons, Waking The Dead and most recently as a character named Victor in White Heat on BBC 2. No information on his character have been disclosed.

Murray Gold is again handling scoring for the program.

Episode Four is the only episode to be in block three of filming. This story Episode is written by Chris Chibnall and directed by Douglas Mackinnon. He previously directed The Sontaran Stratagem and The Poison Sky.

Episode 6 will be the only episode in block four of filming for Season Seven. This will introduce Jenna-Louise Coleman as the new companion. It is the 2012 Christmas Special. No information about Jenna’s character has been revealed to date.

Episode Two is heavy on CGI Effects.

River Song is returning.


The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine features an interview with Jenna-Louise Coleman who was recently announced as the newest companion. The magazine also features some news on the upcoming season as well.

Here is a rundown of the issue:

Jenna-Louise Coleman

The newest companion is revealed and has some interesting things to say about her character:

I know what my introduction is, and I have a general idea of where we’re going to go. There’s definitely a story arc. It sounds really interesting, really exciting. I don’t think anything’s been done like it before, but there are lots of secrets and intrigue, and I think it’s going to throw and confuse a lot of people, and surprise a lot of people.

Moffat: Behind The Scenes

Doctor Who executive producer Steven Moffat provides a behind the scenes look at the auditioning process for the role of Doctor’s new companion.

A Chat with Vislor Turlough 

Mark Strickson played Turlough, a companion to the Fifth Doctor. He discusses the role and reflects on his time on the show.

Battle of Wits

The original series of Doctor Who presented each story in episodic form rather then as an enclosed single episode format.  Toby Hadoke and Johnny Candon duke it out to decide which format better serves Doctor Who in presenting a story.

The Girl In The Fireplace

The DWM Time Teams looks back at this Davide Tennant story.

Sophia Myles Interviewed

Although she has had a successful film and stage career Sophia Myles is most remembered by Whovians for playing Madame de Pompadour  in The Girl In The Fireplace. Here she reflects on that story and talks about what lies ahead for who in the Whoniverse.


The other Executive Producer, Caroline Skinner is interviewed.

Colin Baker’s controversial first story, The Twin Dilemma, is cross-examined.

A Look Back at Season Seventeen of the Classic Series.

There’s a new comic adventure called  Sticks & Stones from Scott Gray and Martin Geraghty.

An examination of which DW celebs are on Twitter and how to follow them. Tom McRae, Nicola Bryant and Arthur Darvill are interviewed.

A History of Doctor Who in 100 Objects looks at Doctor Who adventures set that in the English home counties.


The fate of the much discussed  ‘Doctor Who Movie’ has taken another weird twist. The film has been denied as even happening by Steven Moffat. But that has not stopped David Yates, the director who originally announced the project.

Yates recently spoke to Bleeding Cool about the film.

Yes, I’m definitely doing a Doctor Who movie, but I think where everyone got confused was that we’re not making it for five years, or six years. It’s a very slow development. I’ve got projects backed up between now and about 2015, and it’s something I’m very passionate and excited about.

Yates also seemed to fan some flames of controversy by talking about the current series.

Steven’s a genius. I love his work, I think he’s incredibly clever. I love what he’s done with Doctor Who, love his Sherlock Holmes. He’s such a gifted man. But this is something that’s a very slow burn and I’m hoping to sit down with him at some point and have a chat. It’s just something that we’ve been talking about for a little while. (and on the continuity issues raised) That’s all to be discussed. Because it’s five or six years from now. It’s weird because what will the series be like in five or six years? But I’m very excited about it, very excited about that world.

Read the whole shebang right here:

This back and forth drama about the film could heat up more as we get closer to the 50th Anniversary.

Maybe Yates and Moffat can have a hug and a Happy Meal and sort this movie business out. Or they could fight it out in a steel cage.


Aneke Wills, Peter Purves and Frazer Hines are appearing at a very special BAFTA event in Cardiff featuring two recently discovered missing episodes, Galaxy 4, Episode Three (entitled Air Lock) from 1965’s Season Three and Episode Two of The Underwater Menace from 1967’s Season Four.

These episodes were discovered last year hidden away by an unsuspecting former broadcast engineer named Terry Burnett, who bought them  in the 1980s. Burnett turned them over to the BBC for restoration. The episodes did exist in audio form previously.

The episodes were screened last December  for BAFTA’s Missing Believed Wiped event at the National Film Theatre in London.
See a clip of Galaxy Four here:

These two long-lost episodes will be shown on May 9th at the Chapter Arts Center in Cardiff.


Once again Doctor Who fans will be flocking to their local record store in search of some very limited  Doctor Who goodies for Record Store Day on April 21st. Over 200 UK record shops are involved.

Audio GO is partnering with Discovery Records on very limited edition vinyl reissues of  two 1970s era Doctor Who records, the Doctor Who  Sound Effects album and Out Of This World. Both records have retained their original artwork and sleeves. The sound has also been remastered.

Out of This World was released way back in 1976. It is a compilation album featuring sound effects created for BBC Radio and TV. The tracks are sorted into three categories, Outer Space, Magic and Fantasy and Suspense and the Supernatural.

I wore out several copies of the Doctor Who Sound Effects album over the years. First released in 1978 the album features  recordings of sound effects used in the TV series. This record was released as a collection picture discs in the USA.

Doctor Who: Sound Effects

This record  is one of the finest moments of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Effects from Death to the Daleks, Terror of The Zygons, Hand of Fear and Genesis of The Daleks, The Invisible Enemy and The Invasion of Time are represented along with effects from other stories.

Record Store Day is April 21st. Both records are available in select UK stores and subject to availability. Sadly it looks like these premium cool records are only part of Record Store Day in the UK.

For more info check this out:


David Tennant is starring in the BBC Four pre-war spy thriller,  Warsaw. Tennant is starring as a French diplomat named Colonel Jean-Francois Mercier who becomes embroiled in a web of espionage and intrigue in Warsaw. Janet Montgomery (Black Swan) co-stars. Production begins on location next month in Poland.

This is the first of two serials based on Furst’s  to be adapted by the BBC. Each part will be an hour and a half in length. Coky Gedroyc is directing the film, based on Alan Furst’s novel, The Spies of Warsaw. Gedroyc previoulsy directed Tennant in several episodes of BBC One’s Blackpool.

BBC Four controller Richard Klein spoke about casting Tennant, I think David Tennant playing Mercier and Janet Montgomery as Anna is such an exciting way to explore Furst’s hugely convincing central characters, and I am delighted that Ian and Dick have produced such an enthralling script.

Hopefully this will make its way Stateside via a cable or satellite channel or PBS.

More this way:


Big Finish Audio has released a bevy of information on their forthcoming Companions Chronicles series of audio adventures featuring exploits of various Doctor Who companions in their own adventures.  The audio series, which focuses on companions of the First to Fourth Doctors, is entering its Seventh Season.

It begins in July with James Goss’ The Time Museum. The audio is love letter of sorts to Ian Chesterton and features William Russell as Ian.

Next up is a Second Doctor companion adventure from Zoe, played by Wendy Padbury, called The Uncertainty Principle. Simon Guerrier wrote this story which deals with Zoe’s remembering bits and pieces about her time in the TARDIS.  Her mind was ‘erased’ by the Time Lords in The War Games. The Uncertainly Principle is due this August.

Project Nirvana is a sequel of sorts to Project Destiny. Maggie O’ Neill returns as Aristedes who teams up with the Seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy. This story has been written by Cavan Scott and Mark Wrigh and is due out this September.

Jams Goss’ has also written October’s The Last Post which teams up two Pertwee Era companions, Liz Shaw (Caroline John) and Jo Grant (Katy Manning). The plot of the story is weaved throughout the run of  Jon Pertwee’s Third Doctor.

Blue Peter’s Peter Purves steps back into Steven Taylor’s shoes in Return Of The Rocket Men. If you like hobos with jetpacks this is for you! Matt Fitton has written this sequel to last year’s audio, The Rocket Men. Purves played Taylor during the Hartnell era.

Leela is back in December (without Tom Baker) for The Child which has been written by Nigel Fairs.

Then Big Finish seriously kicks it old school with William Russell and Caroline Ann Ford epic The Flames of Cadiz, a story written by veteran Who writer Marc Platt.

Then 2013 sees the return of Polly and Jamie in a story by Steve Lyons that has yet to be given a proper title.

Check out the Big Finish site for more detailed information:

Next time…Filming in America, Season Seven News and some other neato things.


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