Doctor Whooligan: Season Seven News, Katy Manning On Stage, Pertwee On Blu Ray, Oculus, Darvill Composes, Airlock On DVD

Let us begin with some silly rumory stuff. There is lots of really strange stuff out there.

There are still persistent rumors that Carole Ann Ford may return for the 50th anniversary. As of now this is all hearsay and speculation.

Mark Sheppard is still being mentioned in rumors as a possible returning guest star this season however nothing has been mentioned about a Canton Delaware return from Sheppard or the production team.

Omega has also been rumored as a possible villain for the anniversary.

Now some more newsy stuff…


No airdate has been announced for screening of the eight remaining episodes of Series Seven.

Filming was done this week in central London at the Queen’s Walk, St. Thomas Street and on Westminster Bridge. Caerphilly Castle in Cardiff was also a filming location.

The cast is currently filming Episode Six with episodes, Seven, Twelve and Thirteen  awaiting filming.

Metro reported about recent filming:

Earlier this week there was an incident on location with Matt and the motorcycle. He was fine but took a tumble.

Read the Daily Mirror link here:

Matt Smith is featured in the October/November issue of Bust Magazine.

SFX has run some location pictures from filming this week.

See them here:

As evidenced by these pictures, The  Doctor rides a motorcycle in Episode Six. He is rumored to ride the bike through the open TARDIS doors.

The Eye of Harmony is rumored as a plot point for later in the Season.

No official word has been given on John Fay’s involvement in the show. He was linked to rumors of possible writers for the season. The Torchwood scribe could still be writing for Season Eight.

There also has been no word on any potential return for Captain Jack, Craig Ross  or The Master for the 50th Anniversary.


Although no time has been announced the BBC has confirmed that this year’s Christmas Special will air on Christmas Day!

Steven Moffat has written the hour-long episode which is set in Victorian times and features Richard E. Grant as the villain and introduces Jenna-Louise Coleman as a series regular. It has a working title of The Snowman.

The special also features another return by Neve McIntosh as r, Caitrin Stewart as Jenny and Dan Starkey as the Sontaran Strax.


It has been a while since we did a season overview. Since more and more  details for the eight episodes airing in 2013 are starting to emerge I thought it would be a good time to for an update.

Doctor Who Magazine #453 has shed further light on what lies ahead with the final eight episodes for Season Seven. The latest issue has news about the second half of the season. When possible I have added rumors and news for each episode.

This guide does not count the 2012 Christmas Special or any specials related to the 50th Anniversary.

Episode 6

This episode is rumored to be called The Bells of St. Johns. It is written by Steven Moffat. Directed by Colm McCarthy. The plot could be interesting since it is rumored that Clara does not recognize The Doctor or the TARDIS.  Be careful, there is something nasty in the wi-fi!

Episode 7

Written by Neil Cross. Directed by Farren Blackburn.

Episode 8

Written by Mark Gatiss and directed by Douglas Mackinnon. It has been rumored to be called The Cold War. It is a historical story rumored to set on a submarine and is rumored to feature the return of The ice Warriors. David Warner and Liam Gallagher are guest stars. This story is said to have the feel and flavor of a classic Who era story.

Episode 9

This historical story is said to be called The Phantom of The Hex. Dougray Scott and Jessica Raine are guesting. Scott plays a Professor and Raine appears as Emma Grayling.

The Doctor changes up his costumes a bit by adding a waistcoat to the ensemble.

Episode 10

This TARDIS heavy story was written by Stephen Thompson and directed by Who new comer Mat King. We may see a new variation of the Console Room or the return of some old configurations of it. The Doctor encounters the Van Baalen Brothers, an intergalactic salvage crew. Could they be trying to salvage the TARDIS?

Episode 11

The Crimson Horror is the second story of the season to be written by Mark Gatiss. It is a Victorian tale directed by Saul Metzstein as features Dame Diana Rigg as Winifred Gillyflower, a woman whose chimney is a source of great mystery. Neve  MacIntosh and Caitrin Stewart return and Madame Vastra and Jenny. Rigg’s daughter, Rachael Stirling plays Ada, a young woman who has some pretty wicked stuff going on.The episode was written by Luther scribe Neil Cross.  It is directed by Jamie Payne (Life on Mars). Matt Smith wears a bowler in the episode.

When people start going missing in Sweetville, The Doctor wants to know why. There are rumors that Clara is kidnapped by Winifred in the story.

Episode 12

Written by Neil Gaiman. Directed by Stephen Wolfenden. The Cybermen return again. This could be the old school Cybermen.

Episode 13

Obviously not much is known about the season finale. It has not been filmed or assigned a director. Writer/producer Steven Moffat has said noting about the episode. This is the series finale. It is expected to lead into the antics for the 50th Anniversary.


Arthur Darvill spoke with The Independent about his post Doctor Who career. In addition to working on stage and TV Darvill has a another project close to his heart, his passion for music. He currently is working on a project, The Lightning Child, with Sean Walker.

We’ve been working on a twisted version of The Bacchae called The Lightening Child with carnival music, so I’ve co-written music for that. We made it really big and refused to scale it down. Finally, the Globe said they would love to do it, so we’ll be doing that next summer. I’ve been back and forth to the US, next year I will spend some time there. Eventually I want to split my time between the UK and there. I have loads of friends over there, I love New York and LA is really sunny. Who wouldn’t want to go?

More info:


Stephen Moffat was quite adamant with The Mirror about Amy and Rory not returning to the show.

He commented, Amy and Rory won’t be back…At the very beginning, when I was talking to Karen, I said, ‘Let’s make it a proper ending’. Heaven knows if they will appear in some flashback – I have no plans – but the story of Amy and Rory is over.



Karen Gillan has begun working on a new horror film, Oculus with Katie Sackoff joining the cast as Marie, her mother. It’s deja vu all over again as Gillan is again having another actress play a younger version of herself onscreen,

As reported last month by The Mirror, Gillan is moving to Los Angeles in preparation for the project which will feature filming in Alabama.

More here:

Ocululs is directed by Mike Flanagan.

Here is the official synopsis for the film:

A woman whose life was destroyed as a child after her parents were murdered and brother was pegged with the crime, even though she believes the crime was committed by a supernatural force. Ten years later, the brother is ready to move on but the sister is determined to prove that something else murdered their parents.


Doctor Who DVD producer Dan Hall recently announced that BBC Worldwide will reissue Season One’s The Aztecs in a special edition format in March of 2013. But wait there’s more! The DVD will also feature a restored version of Airlock (Episode Three of Galaxy Four).

You can see a clip from the episode here:

Galaxy Four  was the first episode of Season Three. Episodes One, Two and Four are still missing from the BBC archives and are presumed to be lost. Airlock aired on September 25th of 1965.


Third Doctor companion Katy Manning is returning to the stage in You’re Only Young Twice at the Crewe Lyceum Theatre in Cheshire from October 30th to November 3rd.

Ticket and venue information:


The third time is the charm for Jon Pertwee’s debut story, Spearhead From Space. Although it has been released on DVD twice before, the 1970 episode is coming out on Blu Ray in June of next year. It is being complimented with a new extra feature entitled A Dandy And A Clown: The Life Of Jon Pertwee, which looks at Pertwee’s career and his time on Doctor Who.

What sets this episode apart from others in the classic series is that it is the only one shot on film instead of video. This means it is perfect  for Blu Ray release.


BBC America is releasing a very special Doctor Who gift set in time for the holidays. The Doctor Who Limited Edition Box Set will feature seasons 1-6 plus three Doctor Who specials which have not been released on DVD. There also is a collectible 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver, three original art cards and the Doctor Who at Comic Con comic book.

The Doctor Who Limited Edition Box Set will be released on November 20th with a retail tag of $249.95

DWM #453

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine is out now. Featured inside is a candid interview with Karen Gillan in which  the actress talks about leaving Doctor Who. There is also a look at how horror has been used in the program and the aforementioned news about Season Seven.

The magazine also pays tribute to Mary Tamm and previews Russell T. Davies’ new show Wizards VS. Aliens. Plus, former script editor, Andrew Cartmel has reviewed the newly remastered Vengeance On Varos.

Next time.. More 2013 DVD news, Mary Tamm’s posthumous book and more on Season Seven…


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