Torchwood: Miracle Day – Episode 5 Review – Categories of Death – SPOILER FREE!!!

As we get into episode five of Torchwood: Miracle Day the world is going mad in the wake of the Miracle.

The stakes are raised higher in this episode and the lives of our main characters are never going to be the same.

Predictably, politicians start to get involved with the current situation and being to make things worse. Gwen returns to the UK to deal with her family. This really seemed unnecessary to the overall story and of course, she’s going to have to come back to the USA at some point.

It doesn’t take long for the politicians in charge to define ‘categories of life’ – to categorize people based on whether or not they should actually be dead. Certain categories are being herded into massive health detention camps, that just happened to be ready when the Miracle hit.

It doesn’t really take long for us all to realize that strange things are going on at the camps with predictable results.

Halfway through Torchwood: Miracle Day, it’s very clear we have a world gone mad. One aspect of the show I’m really enjoying is seeing the little things that happen to society when death is removed.

One creative question the show has to deal with, is if no one can die, how can you kill someone if you REALLY want them to die?

Overall a strong episode, even if it falls into cliche territory with the creation of concentration camps.

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