An English Christmas Trip: Planning the Non-Christmas Events for the London Portion of Our Upcoming Trip


Last week I wrote about what we had planned related to Christmas while we’re in London. Here’s a few other things we’d like to do while were in London that aren’t related to Christmas.

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Business Meetings

At the end of the day, we can’t forget that the primary reason for the London part of our trip is business. While we have lots of fun stuff planned, we also have to fit in business meetings with important associates to Anglotopia. We’re not going to be London long enough to rent some type of office space, but we will hold meetings in our flat and our partner’s offices (and perhaps a lunch or two). We’re really looking forward to seeing old colleagues and meeting newer ones face to face. Face to face interaction is so important when it comes to business.

Routemaster Bus Trip for Anglotopia Jr.

I’ve ridden the old London Routemaster more than I’d like to admit but Anglotopia Jr. is now at an age where he will get a thrill out of it. He gets excited every time a school bus drives by the house. So, I’ll definitely take him on to the Heritage Line and ride an old Routemaster.

Big Ben

Anglotopia Jr. recognizes London now. He knows what it looks like in pictures and on TV and he definitely knows Big Ben – not just the clock but Elizabeth Tower. He’s really excited about going to see Big Ben in person, so we’ll be sure to take him when the clock strikes noon so he can hear maximum bongs from the bell (which is actually Big Ben).

Day in Greenwich

It’s been almost 10 years since we last explored Greenwich so we’re really looking forward to taking a day trip out there. There’s a few things I want to see. The Cutty Sark has reopened after a major multi-year restoration and I’m keen to explore that as I never got to see it before it caught fire. There’s also a big exhibition on Nelson’s Navy at the National Maritime Museum as well as an exhibition of Turner paintings (one of my favorite British artists). There’s also a nice market we’d like to visit again that will be decorated for Christmas. I don’t think we’ll visit the Prime Meridian at the National Observatory – we’ve done it before and it’s no longer free and Anglotopia Jr. won’t appreciate it until he’s older. A suggestion on a family friendly place to have lunch in Greenwich would be very helpful if anyone has been there.

St Paul’s

St Paul’s Cathedral is our favorite cathedral in London and we want to try and attend evensong here if we can manage to find a babysitter. If not, it’d be nice to visit and maybe challenge myself to climb to the top again.

Hampstead Heath

It may be too cold for this but I’ve always wanted to go for a walk on Hampstead Heath and enjoy the views of London and also explore the village itself. We’ll see if time and weather allows it.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is full stop Mrs. Anglotopia’s favorite place in London so we’ll definitely go there more than once – if anything to give Anglotopia Jr. the chance to run in circles and give us a break.

London Transport Museum

I’m a bit of a London transport geek and I love this museum, I’m not sure Anglotopia Jr. is quite old enough for it but I certainly am! If anything I’ll visit the awesome gift shop when we’re in Covent Garden.

Twinings Store/Museum

This is Mrs. Anglotopia’s special request. It’s a running joke that she says she wants to go on every trip we’ve been on together but that we’re always prevented from going somehow. So, we’ll definitely be visiting here this time around (fingers crossed!).

Changing of the Guard

We’ve seen the changing of the guard more than once but Anglotopia Jr. hasn’t seen it so we think he might like it. If we’re in the neighborhood we’ll stop by for him.

That’s it for now. That’s a large list and I’m sure we’ll struggle do to it all but all that matters is that we make the most of our time in London and enjoy ourselves.

Our next posts will be about renting a car and how we’ll spend our time in Dorset.

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  1. avatarAnn Blake says

    Lots of street food choices at the Greenwich Market, in the middle of the hustle and bustle. We ate at a restaurant in the area before we discovered the market, and wished we had gone to the market first.
    Christmas visit might not be the best time to go, but have you discovered the Garden Museum at the foot of the Lambeth Bridge? You can get a great lunch there also.

  2. avatarSteve says

    Hi Jonathan – I would definitely suggest Goddards Pie and Mash in Greenwich if you want something traditional and truly “London”. Its just off the market – so would be a good stop once you have looked around there. A great place to warm up with a hearty lunch!

    They have an array of pies from steak and ale to chicken and mushroom. Try the traditional mince beef pie, mash and liquor (licker) which is a type of gravy. Wash it down with a fresh cup of tea.

    They have dessert pies too and kids versions of the meals.

    This is a great taste of traditional London. (stay away from those jellied eels though – lol)

    We were there this past June – Greenwich has changed quite a bit in the last 10 years – we used to live a few miles away about 15 years ago. Its great to be able to get back to central London on the Underground now.

  3. avatarJohn Evans says

    Jonathan – about your intention to ride on a Routemaster bus. Routemaster trip: Try a ride on the New Bus For London (NB4L) as well. Quote from Wikipedia ( “Designed by Heatherwick Studio, it is manufactured by Wrightbus, and features the ‘hop-on hop-off’ rear open platform of the AEC Routemaster, but meets the requirements for modern buses to be fully accessible.” Heatherwick Studio is the design, consultancy that came up with the amazing Olympic Flame for London 2012, and the appearance of the bus is very striking. It’s also a hybrid diesel-electric vehicle so is very quiet.

    The NB4L currently runs on route 11 (Fulham – Chelsea – Victoria – Westminster – Aldwych – St. Paul’s – Bank – Liverpool Street) and route 38 (Clapton – Hackney- Dalston – Islington – Holborn – Piccadilly Circus – Victoria).

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