An English Christmas Trip: The View from Updown Cottage Yesterday


Here is the view from Updown Cottage yesterday. We were blessed with mostly beautiful and sunny weather yesterday. It was moderately warm – around 50 Degrees F. A very enjoyable day. Which will be followed tomorrow by a gale storm with 80 mph winds. It’s funny – almost every British person we’ve run into while here has apologized for the weather (it was terrible yesterday). Guys, it’s OK, we don’t travel here for the weather.

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  1. avatarRoxanne Stickler says

    At one time, where my husband worked, employees had to fill out a vacation request in November for the following year. Sometime early in that next year, we decided to make a trip to England. As he had off-time scheduled for fall, that’s when we went. The weather was so-so — some days sunny, mild; others wet but mild. My cousin asked one day, “Tell me again why you came at this time of year?” =)

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