Sunday Photo: A View Down the Valley Towards Dyrham Park – Famous for Remains of the Day – For Your Desktop Wallpaper



We had the pleasure of visiting Dyrham Park last January during our last trip to Britain. We really love the Gloucestershire Cotswolds and this house is a highlight when visiting the area. It was closed for the season when we visited, so we almost had the grounds to ourselves. As we walked down the hill, I kept thinking that the house looked really familiar to me. I swore I saw it in a movie.

Sure enough, when we got back to the cottage where we were staying and I looked it up – it was used for the exteriors for The Remains of the Day, one of my favorite British movies.

I can’t wait to go back to Britain and actually tour the house when it’s open for the season.


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    David and I visited Dyrham Park while walking the Cotswold Way, which passes near the house. Dyrham is featured in our Beyond Downton Abbey guidebook of great stories about great houses. Dyrham Park has many wonderful stories in its past, but the one we chose to tell in our book is how Dyrham was used during WWII as a nursery for babies and toddlers relocated from cities during the bombings. Jonathan, if you go, make sure to look for the land grant documents from Henry VIII with the royal seals still attached. Awesome.
    Deb Hosey White

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