Sunday Photo: This is England – Ashmore Pond with Thatched Cottage – Dorset, England – Desktop Wallpaper


Here’s a nice Anglophile Zen picture for quiet Sunday. This photo is of a thatched cottage located in the lovely Dorset village of Ashmore, which is situated around a lovely pond that reflects the light and cottages around it perfectly. Located to the left outside the frame is a lovely little stone bench engraved with the phrase “Reflect a While.” Thanks, I think I will. A beautiful location and a beautiful thatched cottage – the stuff that dreams are made of. This photo was taken in January when we visited Dorset. More about the village here in this great article I found (it’s not ours):

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  1. avatarAnnette Murphy says

    I was born and raised in Hampshire but came to the USA in 1981 and have made many trips back. I’d love to go again but ill health prevents travel right now but maybe before too long!

  2. avatar says

    Glad to see you love Dorset! I live in Canada with my husband and boys and am originally from Dorset-born and raised in Bournemouth-which at the time was actually Hampshire (now you know;). Dorset is beautiful….is it difficult for a U.S citizen to live in England? Well, I hope you get there one day!

  3. avatar says

    Love this one so. It tugs at my heart to go back to England. I may have one more transatlantic trip in me and will be adding Dorset to the itinerary based on your glowing reports and photos. Thanks for brightening my day.

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