Photo: The Old Mill in Lower Slaugher – The Cotswolds


Here’s a lovely shot of the old mill in Lower Slaughter in the Cotswolds, taken a few weeks ago on our visit. Beautiful village and well worth a visit.

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  1. avatarDiane Clement says

    I recognized this immediately. On my last visit in March, 2012, I walked in from Bourton-on-the-Water. In 2009 I had my big Nikon D-90 and took a whole series of great pics of the little shop there on the other side of the waterwheel. Wish I could share those with you. I love the Slaughters!

  2. avatar says

    Have visited Lower and Upper Slaughter 3 times. Lovely walk through the sheep pasture between the villages. Who owns the Old Mill these days? I’ll never forget my first morning of my first visit toThe Cotswolds. It was sooooo magical. I can clearly remember my early morning walk and the overpowering feeling of being home. I knew I was home. Cheers, Barbara

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