Heartwarmingly Weird stories from Britain: Stephen Hawking Poses with Stag Partiers, Wheelchair Users Fight Back, Suicidal Man Saves Life and More!

Stephen Hawking and drunken revelers.
Image Source: SWNS.

Sometimes, you need a little picker-upper, and sometimes, they can come from the strangest places (see Wilko Johnson for more information). So, here's a few stories that are not only strange and British, but also guaranteed to warm the cockles of … [Read more...]

Desktop Wallpaper: London Skyline from the View from the Shard – @shardview


I've been making my way through the 2,000 or so pictures we took during our recent trip and this one immediately jumped out as one of my favorites. In fact it's now set as my desktop wallpaper. It was taken from the new View from the Shard, the views … [Read more...]

Weird British Food News: Girl Lives Entirely on Junkfood, The Great British Donut Invasion

The Apocalypse Burger with its creators.
Image Source: SWNS

Well, I've decided that, for this fortnight's Weird News article, since I've got a lot of food-related articles in my queue, I'll do some articles on strange food-related news items I've found. And, since Jonathan would prefer to not have to deal … [Read more...]

Brit Book Reviews: Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Chelsea Flower Show: A Centennary Celebration by Brent Elliott.


               Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Chelsea Flower Show: A Centenary Celebration by Brent Elliott is a gorgeously illustrated coffee table book celebrating 100 years of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Elliott, RHS’s librarian and … [Read more...]

The Fiver: “Don’t Mention the War!” Five Great War Museums to Visit in Britain

IWM Duxford

The United Kingdom has one of the most illustrious military histories of any nation. From the Roman invasion to the Hundred Years’ War to World War II, it’s arguable that most wars studies over the last 1,000 years have had a British country fighting … [Read more...]