Great British Houses: Beaulieu Palace House – Home to Britain’s National Motor Museum


Beaulieu Palace House, as it is grandly known, is part medieval Cistercian Abbey and part Victorian Gothic revivalist country mansion. Opened up to the public in the 1950s by the famous 3rd Baron Edward Douglas-Scott Montagu, Beaulieu House created … [Read more...]

British Travels: The Echoes of the Battle of Trafalgar at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard


Because of his towering height, Captain Hardy had to crouch below the beams in the lower deck of HMS Victory. It was quite a scene. Gunpowder still thick in the air. A legend lay dying. It was Hardy's task to inform Nelson that they were victorious … [Read more...]

Laura’s London: Charles Dickens Museum Reopening – Here’s an Exclusive Preview


Jacob Marley's ghost in A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens's presence stays with us 142 years after his death. (Dickens is even referenced in Fifty Shades of Grey!) 2012 has been the bicentenary year of his birth and while the Charles Dickens Museum … [Read more...]

Harry Potter: World of Harry Potter Opens Today and We’ve Got an Exclusive First Look Review – Harry Potter Studio Tour Review


Anglotopia London correspondent Laura Porter from the About London blog was kind enough to write up a detailed review of the new Harry Potter Studio Tour Experience. What Is It? This is the actual film studio where the Harry Potter films were made … [Read more...]

Kensington Palace Opens after Major Renovation – Here’s a Preview of What’s on Display

The Love Room in Victoria Revealed

Editor's Note: Laura Porter from About London got a press preview of the newly renovated Kensington Palace and was kind enough to write up an article for us all about it. The Queen lives at Buckingham Palace so why do we have another palace in … [Read more...]

50 years of James Bond’s cars at the National Motor Museum

An exhibition of 50 iconic James Bond vehicles – the largest of its kind staged anywhere in the world – opens in January at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu. The exhibition will run for the whole of 2012 in celebration of 50 years of James … [Read more...]