The Fiver: Five Picturesque Towns, Villages (and 1 city) Used in the Filming of British TV Shows and Films


1. Port Isaac (Portwenn from “Doc Martin”) Like it television counterpart, Port Isaac is a little fishing village located in Cornwall. From the Middle Ages until the mid-19th century, it was a very active harbor, but no relies mostly on tourism … [Read more...]

New Column: British Landscapes Photography from Derek Fogg

The Snowdonia Horseshoe - © Derek Fogg

Hi and welcome to British Landscapes Photography.  I'm Derek Fogg, landscape photographer and  I am delighted to have been given the opportunity of sharing with you my images of the landscapes of the British Isles.  Although not an anglophile, being … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: Matt Smith Carries The London 2012 Olympic Torch


I guess Matt Smith is a morning person. The Eleventh Doctor was up very early this morning but it was not to fight Daleks or save the universe. It was to carry the Olympic Torch on its eighth day of travels to the Olympics. Today the torch is … [Read more...]

12 reasons to Visit Britain in 2012


As London prepares to pull out all of the stops as hosts of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the rest of Britain has followed suit for what is set to be a blockbuster year of experiences only to be had in 2012. Whether you are a sports lover, a … [Read more...]

Weird Britain: Complete Guide to Britain’s Quirky Events in 2012


Britain wouldn't be the same without it's wealth of quirky events, we've rounded up as many as we can think of, so if you fancy a spot of swamp football or perhaps think you could become the World Marble Champion then now's your … [Read more...]

Horse Riding in Britain – 3 of Britain’s Best Day Hacks That Suit Every Skill Level


For the seasoned equestrian, there couldn't be a better way to explore Britain and take in the lush and diverse landscapes. With 15 national parks, forests, mountains, grassland, and beaches, riders will be spoilt for choice when deciding on which … [Read more...]

Top 12 Coastal places – The Great British Coast


1). The White Cliffs of Dover have been a symbol of hope and of home for centuries, even before Vera Lynn immortalised them in song. Arriving on a ferry, they are unmissable and are so important they are now preserved by the National … [Read more...]

12 of the most handicap accessible places to stay in Britain


Cringletie House Hotel is a Scottish baronial castle in 11.5 hectares (28 acres) of gardens and woodlands. The castle was built in 1861 and the 4* hotel is fully wheelchair accessible with a wide range of facilities for guests with mobility, hearing, … [Read more...]