Anglophile Recommendations

Airlines for Flying to Britain

We generally always recommend traveling to Britain with British Airways as they have the most routes to and from the USA to Britain. We’ve flown with them 10 times now and have had a good experience every time. Some people may disagree with us about British Airways, but for transatlantic travel, they’re great. We flown in all classes on BA including first class and if you want to splurge, we recommend World Traveller Plus (aka Premium Economy) as there is much more leg room. I know a lot of people prefer Virgin Atlantic, but we’ve never had a chance to fly them because they only fly out of Chicago 3 months of the year and are always more expensive. Even if you prefer to travel on another airline to Britain, BA is a good baseline for finding the best fares to London.

British Airways Flights & Vacations

UK Themed Magazines

There are 3 magazines in circulation in the USA about Britain that we can recommend.

Britain Magazine40% Discount for Anglotopia Readers. The ‘official’ magazine put out by Visit Britain. This is a magazine worth reading. Printed in the UK. Click here for our exclusive discount.

Discover Britain (formerly Realm) – Another great British Magazine worth reading. Printed in the UK. Click here for Subscription info.

British Heritage – Another British themed magazine made by Americans – it’s not as comprehensive as the other two, but it’s usually worth a read. Click here for Subscription info.

British TV in the USA

There are several options to get British TV in the USA. The first is the cable channel BBC America, though they don’t often air much actual British TV and when they do show the same shows over and over. PBS also shows some great British TV during Masterpiece Theatre as well as through local affiliates. A great way to see classic British TV shows is through Acorn TV – a Netflix-like streaming service from Acorn Media that offers up the best TV from their archive. It only costs $2.99/month.


Explore Britain’s Heritage


The Royal Oak Foundation is an American affiliate of the National Trust in Britain. The National Trust are the caretakers of many of Britain’s iconic stately homes and properties. They run them for the benefit of the nation. By joining the Royal Oak Foundation you can get free entry to all National Trust properties – a huge savings when you travel in Britain. Anglotopia readers can use the code: Anglo2014 to save 20% on the membership fee.

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UK Lodging

We’ve stayed in quite a few places in the UK from hotels and B&B’s to self-catering cottages and flats. We’ve put together a list of all the places we can personally recommend to stay.

Read our full hotel recommendations here.


Looking for guidebooks to plan your trip to Britain? Then we heartily recommend our own guidebooks:

101 London Travel Tips

101 Budget Britain Travel Tips

101 Toddler Travel Tips

Save Money in London

If you’re visiting London and want to save money, we recommend purchasing a London Pass which will get you free access to many of London’s top attractions.

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UK Immigration

Like most Anglophiles, we’ve harbor the dream of one day living in the UK. Despite the dream, it’s something that’s actually very difficult to do in practice (which is why we haven’t been able to live there yet). That’s why we highly recommend Migra & Co for all your UK visa and immigration needs. They’ll help you navigate the whole process and ensure your application’s success.

Check out Migra & Co here.

British Newspapers

For the ‘British’ Experience, we recommend the Times of London and the Sunday Times. We don’t really care about their ‘slant’ but it’s a good newspaper even if it leans towards the right of the political spectrum. The Daily Mail is good for trash reading and the occasional gem but try not to take anything they publish too seriously.