Royal Round Up 12-7-11: Canine Illness at Sandringham; Bradford’s New Bio of the Queen; Charles Develops Cornwall; Royal History, the Collection

More Canine Illness at Sandringham

The Queen’s country retreat of Sandringham is facing yet another outbreak of Seasonal Canine Illness. Two dogs walked on the royal estate are known to have died this year, and six died last year. It was thought that the dogs had come in contact with plants that may have caused the illness. Now, Dr. Mark Spencer, a botanist at the Natural History Museum, dismisses the possibility.

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Sarah Bradford’s New Biography

Sarah Bradford has joined in the literary fun of the Jubilee year to pen Elizabeth II: Her Life in Our Times. Bradford famously wrote her first brilliant and thorough biography of the Queen in 1996 entitled “Elizabeth”.

“I think the Queen is at the peak of her popularity since the Coronation,” she says. “People are grateful to her for being who and what she is; for giving us a bit of lustre after all the tawdry revelations of MPs’ expenses and phone hacking. They see a radiant, unchanging, calm-at-the-centre figure, a steady hand, a person who represents something.”

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Charles’ New Developments In Cornwall

Prince Charles plans to build an eco-friendly housing and shopping development on his Duchy of Cornwall farmland. The joint project by Cornwall Council, the Duchy of Cornwall, Waitrose and Taste of Cornwall submitted a planning application in June.

The planned development has been praised as growing the local food industry as well as creating investment and job opportunities, but critics say that this is all hypocrisy on the Prince’s part. One county councillor has declared the prince’s scheme as “nuts”: “Prince Charles is on the international stage banging on about reducing urban sprawl, yet on one of his best dairy farms he is creating exactly what he is arguing against.”

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A History of the Monarchy Through the Royal Collection

The BBC plans to follow up the successful “A History of the World in 100 Objects” with a look at the monarchy through the Royal Collection. It will be an eight-part Radio 4 series to mark the Queen’s diamond jubilee next year.

“The idea behind the series is to use the collection as a prism through which to better understand the art of being a monarch, through the objects acquired by those monarchs,” said William Gompertz, the BBC’s arts editor and presenter of the series.

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