Royal Round Up 5-9-12: Harry and William Awarded; Empire Is Out; Fergie Fights On

Empire Is Out, Classless Is In

It has been reported that the Queen’s lords lieutenant are looking to drop the word “empire” from awards and honors. The lords lieutenant in question represent Cheshire, Cumbria and Clackmannanshire.

Having the word “empire” in, for instance, The Order of the British Empire is regarded by these lords lieutenant as a colonial throwback that should be put out to pasture. From Knights(GBE) to the more commonly seen Officers (OBE) and Members (MBE), the name of the order and those like it may be changed to reflect a more modern era.

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Harry Honored

Prince Harry jetted to Washington D.C. yesterday (5/8/12) to receive an award presented by the Atlantic Council.

Both Harry and William were being feted for their humanitarian work. Harry accepted the “Award for Distinguished Humanitarian Leadership” for himself and on behalf of his brother, who was unable to attend.


Fergie Faces The Fire… Or Will She?

Not keen to sit in jail, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, is seeking an out-of-court settlement for her legal case in Turkey. The Duchess is accused of violating that country’s law by secretly filming the conditions of a Turkish orphanage for a documentary. Her intent was to highlight the mistreatment of the orphans, but caused outrage within the Turkish government.

It was screened in 2008, just as Turkey was making a bid to join the European Union.

The Duchess has avoided extradition to Turkey thus far, and is seeking an out-of-court settlement to avoid conviction and a jail sentence of 22 years.

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