Royal Round Up 8-29-12: Harry’s Scandals and Scares; Back On Form; Dangerous Corgi

Harry: Scandals and Scares

Well, it’s the question that has been burning since it happened: What was he thinking?

Lots of people were wondering just what the Queen’s grandson, Prince Harry, was doing naked with a bunch of strangers in Las Vegas.

“Letting off steam” has been the key phrase of late, and even though he behaved badly, many are willing to cut Harry some slack. Instead, a lot blame is being placed on the people he was with – the “sneaky snappers” who looked to make money off of him in his downtime, and, most importantly, Harry’s security detail.

Harry’s behavior made him look crass and easily taken in by some alcohol and girls. He might have gotten himself into some serious trouble this way. I am more curious to know what the prince’s security was thinking at this point.

Harry is a prince, the grandson of a queen. Those whom the royals employ to protect them must know that there are legions of people ready to take advantage of them.

How much was that person paid for their photos? How about the video? Who might possibly try to come forward with a little redheaded Harry, Jr. looking for money down the road? Prince Albert of Monaco could give Harry a few tips on what not to do with random women!

What about someone looking to nab Harry as a ransom? Just because he’s is a strapping male doesn’t mean he’s completely safe. Drink and hormones can weaken a fun-lovin’ boy’s defenses to the point where anything could happen.

It’s not security’s job to make moral judgements; their job is to keep their charge safe. I think they failed on this one. They got lucky that Harry is just embarrassed. Next time, the ending might not be quite so jolly, for him or the nation. Someone is going to have to draw a line somewhere, whether their boss likes it or not.

[original: The Royal Representative]

Back On Form

Prince Harry, back on track as ambassador for the Team GB Paralympics squad, plans on attending several events. He is not attending the closing ceremonies, as he is committed to training for the military at that time. The prince is slated for a possible deployment to Afghanistan.

Dangerous Dog To Be Given Professional Help

A dog psychologist has been called in to help treat the cutthroat corgi who savagely tore the ear off of another dog.

That other dog, a terrier that belonged to Princess Beatrice, was attacked by the “rogue” corgi in the Queen’s pack just prior to a walk with several other dogs.

Roger Mugford, an animal psychologist, is now treating the corgi and his killer instinct, according to the Telegraph.

We can only hope that this “dog whisperer” can calm him and stop further attacks! This is not the first time Mugford has had to face a dangerous royal dog: his most infamous case was Florence, the Princess Royal’s English bull terrier, who attacked one of the Queen’s corgis during Christmas at Sandringham in 2003. It is said that he reformed Florence, so hopefully this corgi can be sorted out, too!

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  1. avatarretnavybrat says

    That bit about Prince Harry was spot on! My first thoughts when I heard about these photos was about the prince’s lapse in judgement. You’d think a trained soldier wouldn’t allow himself to be exposed (in all senses of the word) like that.