Royal Baby News: Duchess of Cambridge Officially Due in July, Majority of Brits Want Diana For Name


There’s a few bits of Royal Baby news today that I thought were worth sharing.

It has been revealed by St James Palace that the Duchess of Cambridge is in the 12/13th weeks of pregnancy and that she is pregnant with one baby (not twins as people have been rampantly speculating).

The Duchess has a due date in July – that’s as specific as they’ll get at this stage.

In regards to Kate’s terrible morning sickness, the Palace said, “The Duchess’s condition continues to improve since her stay in hospital last month.” So, things are improving for the poor girl!

In other news a recent survey by has said that a majority of Brits would prefer that if the Royal Baby is a girl that she be named Diana after William’s mother.

Some 72% of respondents hoped the baby would be a girl. Which after the next two kings (Charles and William), will be a nice change to go back to having a good ‘ol Queen.

Here are the most popular names if the Royal Baby is a boy:

  • George        26%
  • Alexander        21%
  • James        16%
  • Spencer        10%
  • Andrew        5%

Here are the most popular names if the Royal Baby is a girl:

  • Diana        24%
  • Victoria        22%
  • Amelia        17%
  • Elizabeth        6%
  • Mary        5%

I think Diana would be a nice tribute to William’s mother. I think George is a good choice for a boy since there aren’t any George’s in the family right now.

Which one is your favorite? What would you name the Royal Baby? 

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  1. avatarMatthew says

    If it’s a boy, I would call it Albert and if it’s a girl, I would call it Alexandra.

    Anyway, the name of the new royal baby wouldn’t be as bad as those celebrity baby names like Apple, Peaches, Blue Ivy, Suri, Moon Unit, Willow etc.

    Do you agree?

  2. avatarretnavybrat says

    Diana may be one of the names if the baby’s a girl, but I’m not placing any bets on it being the first name. But, then again, I never imagined in my wildest dreams that William would’ve used his mother’s engagement ring either, so who knows?

    Amelia sounds like a good possibility. It sounds modern, yet it has been used for princesses in the past (mainly during the Georgian periods, I think).

    James sounds like a good possibility for a boy for the same reason as above: sounds modern, but is a name with royal history.

    So here are my predictions:

    Princess Amelia Elizabeth Diana Charlotte
    Prince James Phillip Henry Charles

    • avatarretnavybrat says

      Actually, I’ve changed my mind about James since I forgot that the name of Prince Edward’s son is James. So let’s go with Prince Alexander Phillip Henry Charles.

  3. avatarBoston Karen says

    I doubt the queen will allow “Diana.” It’s not really a very English name (historically). This is a woman who forced Fergie to name her girls “Beatrice” and “Eugenie,” after all! And how horrible are those? But she put her foot down on anything modern and insisted on former Royal names.

    Since Anne has been taken, I would expect “Mary.” Maybe Margaret. If QE2 wants to keep it in her line, though, Charlotte, Caroline, Alexandra, or Victoria. I’d guess that Victoria or Alexandra are the most likely.

    I wouldn’t bank on George, either. There have already been quite a few, and most of them were somewhere between disastrous and God Awful monarchs. Unless QE2 wants to stick with her family names, in which case Albert and George are possibilities.

    However, the choice of William and Harry seems to point to a wish of the current Windsors to hearken back to the days of powerful monarchs. So maybe Stephen, Richard, John, or James.

  4. avatarretnavybrat says

    My understanding is that the first names of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie were the Duchess of York’s idea as she was researching Queen Victoria around that time.