Royal Round Up 1-3-12: Sandringham Murder; Queen’s Jewels; Honors List; 1936 Photoshopping

Body Found On Sandringham Estate

Police have launched a murder inquiry after the remains of a human body were found in the woods of the Queen’s Sandringham estate. Norfolk police have determined that it was a female corpse, but have not yet ascertained her identity.

A member of the public out walking on New Year’s Day discovered the body.

Sandringham has had a string of bad luck in the recent years – a mystery illness has killed at least eight dogs exercised in the woods of Sandringham. The sickness was suspected to be caused by possible contact with local plants, but researchers investigating a recent 2011 outbreak of “Seasonal Canine Illness” debunked that theory.

In March 2011, the body of a homeless man was discovered on a small island in St. James’ Park just outside Buckingham Palace. The autopsy determined that he had been dead for about three years, but no cause of death was found.


“Early Photoshopping” For King George VI

The coronation of King Edward VIII was highly anticipated. Commemorative cups, saucers, and other memorabilia had been created, as well as an official coronation portrait. However, Edward threw a monkey wrench in the works by abdicating in 1936. The original artist didn’t mind, it seems: he painted him out and replaced his head with that of his brother, the newly minted King George VI.

Queen’s list of New Year’s honorees released

The annual UK Honors List, announcing new knighthoods, was released for 2012. The Guardian newspaper, however, was irritated at the list of folks named.

An editorial from the Guardian says that “Too many recipients of honours are clearly undeserving”.

The Royal Collection Displays Queen’s Jewels

The Royal Collection will put on a sparkly, awe-inspiring show of diamonds, including many of the Queen’s personal jewels, to mark her 60 years on throne.

Diamonds are the theme this year as 60 years is considered to be a diamond landmark, a precedent set by Queen Victoria for her own 60 years on the throne.

Among the items on display will be the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara, a personal favorite of this royal blogger. It was a wedding gift to the Queen’s grandmother, Queen Mary, upon her marriage to the then-Duke of York.

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