Royal Round Up 11-30-11: Cambridge Style Upset; Mint Loses Jubilee Medal; Mike Makes a Comeback

Duchess of Cambridge Style Alert FYI

Whether it’s her clothes or her weight, the Duchess of Cambridge is critiqued for her appearance at every turn. Now people are in a tizzy about her hair and her teeth.

Reports are now flying about Duchess Catherine’s chompers being artistically realigned by a pioneering French dental surgeon.

Unlike America’s view of dental beauty – where teeth are bleached white and perfectly straightened to resembled dentures – Dr. Didier Fillion, a London-based dental surgeon, views “harmonious asymmetry” as the way to go.

Dr. Fillion claims to be the one who gave Duchess C her dazzling smile through “micro rotations” so that her teeth still retain a natural look.

Whatever next!?

Since you asked: James Pryce, the Duchess’ hairstylist back when she was plain old Kate Middleton, has left the Richard Ward salon in Chelsea. Pryce has departed for the Duchess of Cambridge’s personal camp, and it has ruffled many feathers.

Reports say that there is considerable anger over Pryce’s departure. The salon feels that they made his name and that he shouldn’t be leaving.

No one was apparently available for direct comment.


Royal Mint Loses The Queen’s Jubilee Medal

Ironically, the Royal Mint will not officially be associated with the royal celebration of the Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

The centuries old mint has the exclusive contract to supply all British coinage. It also produced the medals for the Queen’s Silver and Golden Jubilees, 1977 and 2002 respectively. This year, the Mint was given competition when the Ministry of Defence held an open competition in accordance with European Union procurement rules.

Thankfully, the company making the Diamond Jubilee medals is still in the U.K.: the Midlands-area Worcestershire Medal Services will be paid more than £7 million to mint the medals

Mike Makes a Comeback

Princess Anne’s son-in-law has returned to his position on the England rugby team.

Mike Tindall, the husband of Zara Phillips, was charged a £25,000 fine and thrown off the team after some wild partying with another woman caught the media’s attention. Mike’s behavior at the recent World Cup in New Zealand was deemed boorish and irresponsible, but then he was tagged as a liar when it came to light that he wasn’t entirely truthful when discussing what went on that evening.

However, an appeal was made and Mike is back on the team. His fine was also reduced.

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