Royal Round Up 12-14-11: Link Time

Below is a great selection of links. Enjoy!

The owner of the barge selected to host the Queen for her Diamond Jubilee Pageant the River Thames says the ship will be completely transformed for the event. Read more – Queen’s Diamond Jubilee: barge to be transformed into ‘regal podium’

The Prince of Wales has created a post of head of fundraising for his charities as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attract donations to their own organisation. Read more – The Prince of Wales enters a new era with his ‘super fundraiser’

Thanks to King Edward VIII’s abdication, the House of Windsor has never been stronger, says Andrew Roberts. Read more – 2011: A vintage year for the Royal family

Rumours that Edward Vlll, then Prince of Wales, and future king, had fallen in love with the American divorcee Mrs Wallis Simpson had swirled around high society for some time and were confirmed by gossipy stories cut from foreign newspapers and posted to relatives back home in the UK… Read more – 1936: British press finally break silence on Wallis Simpson affair

Prince Charles’ lawyers seek to challenge a judicial ruling that threatens to expose the environmental impact of his Duchy of Cornwall estate. Read more –
Prince Charles to challenge ruling set to lift secrecy about his estate

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