How does the Queen celebrate Christmas?

It’s Christmas time and I always enjoy learning about Britain’s Christmas Traditions. One thing I’ve always wondered is how the Royal Family celebrates the holiday.

Well, the folks over at Project Britain have put together a lovely post telling us all how the Queen and Co. celebrate the best holiday of the year.

The following is from their website:

The British Royal Family spend Christmas at Sandringham, the Queen’s Norfolk estate.

They open their presents on Christmas Eve, a German tradition.
On Christmas Eve, the family gathers in the White Drawing Room around a 20ft Christmas tree – cut from the estate and traditionally decorated by the Queen herself.

Name cards on white-linen-covered trestle tables indicate where they are to place each other’s presents. The grand opening of presents takes place early in the evening. The royal family gather around the Christmas tree awaiting the Queen’s signal to start unwrapping their presents.

After they have opened their presents, the Royals retire to dress for dinner – reconvening for cocktails in the Saloon. All the adults drink gin and tonic – except the Queen, Prince Philip and Prince Charles, who enjoy dry martinis.

A Royal Christmas Eve Dinner

Dinner is eaten by candlelight, and is served at 8.30pm. It is a black-tie affair (dressed in their best clothes), for which the finest china and silverware is laid out on the dining table decorated with Christmas flowers from the Sandringham nurseries.

What do the Royal family eat for their Christmas Eve dinner?

Norfolk shrimps, lamb or locally-shot game may be followed by tarte tartin (a caramelized apple tart served upside down) with brandy creme or a souffle. White wine is served with the hors d’oeuvre claret with the main course and champagne with the dessert.

Christmas Day

The royal family awake on Christmas day to stockings, stuffed with small gifts and fruit, at the foot of their beds. They eat a full English breakfast.
At 11 am they attend a Christmas morning service at St Mary Magdalene, the church on the estate.

What do the British Royal family eat for Christmas Dinner?

The food the royals eat is a traditional British Christmas dinner. At 1pm, they eat a giant turkey served with all the trimmings.

At 3pm all the Royals settle down in the Saloon, warmed by a log fire, to watch the Queen’s Christmas Day speech on the television.

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  1. avatarRob says

    It is worth noting that the Queen watches the speech in a room on her own, and away from the rest of the family!