Royal Round Up 9-7-11: Zara Dislikes Facebook; Looking for Jeeves; Bea’s Hat Hate

Zara Doesn’t “Like” Facebook

It turns out that Zara Phillips is not a fan of Facebook.

Speaking to Tatler magazine, Zara says: “I think Facebook’s dangerous. So many people I know get into trouble with Facebook…I’d rather just pick up the phone. Or Skype.”

This is one hot young royal looking to stay low on the radar. Do you agree with Zara, or is she making a big deal? It’s all in how you use social networking…

Wanted: Jeeves

The Queen is looking for a new butler, says the Telegraph.

The salary is low – only 15,000 GBP per annum – but the prestige associated with such a position carries great gravitas. Your accommodation is free, and you get to travel to all royal residences with the household.

For those of us who are extremely devoted royal historians, we jump at the chance, Ma’am! Where do I sign up?

Bea’s Hat Still Hated

American designer Tom Ford wishes that Princess Beatrice of York would have worn a different hat to her cousin William’s royal wedding.

While Phillip Treacy is a much-loved milliner to the royals and aristocrats of Britain, Ford was not impressed with his design for Beatrice’s hat. He says she should have worn something more subtle. Instead, the hat “wore her” instead of the other way around.

Treacy himself defended Beatrice earlier this year when criticism was directed the princess’ way for her choice of headgear.


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