Royal Baby: An Open Letter to the Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge On Her Impending Birth


Dear Your Royal Highness,

Last night as I was awake tending to my own newborn daughter, I was thinking about the impending birth of your own baby. I can only imagine how excited and nervous you must be to meet your little one. As I thought about it further I wondered if I were sitting next to you right now what I would say about motherhood to you. So I decided to write you this letter from one mother to another. Our situations in life could not be any further apart but we will share the common bond of being mothers, that being said I would like to offer a few kind words about finding your footing as a new mother.

The transition of becoming a new mother is the most life changing thing that can happen to a woman in my opinion. Soon enough you will be holding your lovely little baby in your arms, with the very overwhelming feeling that you are now responsible for another human being. It is a very intense feeling, I know, I’ve been there twice. As you gaze into your newborn’s eyes you may be filled with panic or totally calm at the prospect of raising the future King or Queen of England.

I am sure there will be protocols and rules to how your child should be cared for from the very beginning. With respect to protocol and rule, you are that baby’s mother and it is up to you and William to decide what is right for your child. Follow your intuition as a new mother, you know more than you think you do. Sometimes rules and protocol will have to fall by the wayside. Always follow your gut instinct because you will always be your child’s ally and protector.

It may take you a while to find you stride as a new mother, it does for most, it did for me. I do not envy you that you will have to do this on the world stage, as you have had to live your life with William thus far. The whole world will want to know every aspect of your child’s life from how the birth went to wether  you will bottle or breastfeed, and with that knowledge will come judgement. I assure you that judgement about the decisions you make as a mother is not unique to you, all new mothers experience it at one time or another. You will just have to endure it on a massive level. As long as you are confident in you decisions as parent, then you will find that it doesn’t really matter what others think.

The most important and cherished piece of advice that I could offer you is to take in each moment. Sadly, babies grow so quickly and you will miss your baby being so little. I assume you will have quite a bit of help with your little one, it comes with the privilege of being in your position, but make sure to take time for your baby. Smell their hair, let them sleep in your arms, and snuggle up with them, these are by far some of the best things about being a mother.

I wish you a heartfelt congratulations and welcome you to motherhood! I know you will transition superbly as a new mother on the world’s stage. Just remember the only opinion that matters in your sweet baby’s world is yours and your husband’s.


Jacqueline Thomas aka Mrs. Anglotopia

P.S. Make sure the Duke gets a turn at changing nappies!

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  1. avatarAmy says

    This is so wonderful! I echo every single word. I can’t imagine how it must be for sweet Kate to have to do this in front of a world’s stage. I wish her the best of luck and my heart goes out to her!

  2. avatarCoreen says

    What a sweet letter !! I have been a Nanny for over 20yrs , so dealing with babies is nothing new to me . I see Kate , after the 1st couple of nervous days –being a very loving & patient mother. All the best to you & William , can’t wait for the photos !!!!

  3. avatarMeg says

    Lovely letter, but you might want to re-think the title. The ‘Impending Birth’ of The Duchess happened about 30 years ago. Perhaps …’on the Impending Birth of her child.’ might be an accurate wording. (It’s the English teacher in me coming out. Sorry)

  4. avatarBonnie says

    Very nice letter. Will they actually get to read it? I hope so.
    They should invite you for a visit when you make your trip. smile……