Brit Slang: British Slang in the Bedroom – Big List of 71 British English Words Related To Sex


In this week’s ongoing series of articles on British Slang, we’re going to get personal and talk about words relating to sex and the bedroom. There are ample phrases for the male and female genitalia along with certain insults and phrases worth a giggle.

This list was a lot of fun to put together when we wrote our British Slang Dictionary last year – details on where to get it here!

Disclaimer! Some of these words are pretty PG rated but some of them are also extremely filthy. You’ve been warned! This list is for educational purposes and will certainly help frequent British TV viewers.

  1. All fur coat and no knickers – adj – A woman who looks good on the surface but has no substance.
  2. Antenatal – adj – Prenatal care.
  3. Arse – n – Buttocks.
  4. Aussie kiss – n – Oral sex on a woman.
  5. Axe wound – n – Vagina.
  6. Baby batter – n – Semen.
  7. Back passage – n – Anus.
  8. Bairn – n – Another word for baby, usually used in Scotland.
  9. Ball bag – n – Scrotum.
  10. Balloon Knot – n- The anus.
  11. Baps – n – Another name for a woman’s breasts.
  12. Bean – n – 1. An ecstasy pill 2. The female clitoris.
  13. Beat the bishop – v – To masturbate.
  14. Belisha Beacons – n – The yellow flashing lights at a pedestrian crossing in the UK but can also be used to refer to a women’s breasts.
  15. Bell-end – n – The end of the male genitalia. Also an insult to call someone stupid. “Don’t be such a bell-end.”
  16. Bint – n – A derogatory word for woman who is just above a prostitute.
  17. Boiler – n – An unkind term for an ugly woman.
  18. Bollocks – n – 1. Male testicles. 2. Something that is rubbish or crap.
  19. Bollocking – n – To be punished severely or told off.
  20. Buff adj – Sexually attractive; Also a word for nude, sometimes used loosely to describe the act of sex e.g. “We was buffin’ for hours.”
  21. Buggery – n – The act of anal sex.
  22. Bum – n, v – Buttocks. Not particularly rude – more acceptable in polite circles than ‘arse.’
  23. Bum cleavage – n – The area between the buttocks.
  24. Chat up – v – Trying to pick someone up in a bar or elsewhere.
  25. Clunge – n – A very very rude word for the female vagina not to be used in polite or even impolite conversation.
  26. Dangly-bits – n – Male genitalia.
  27. Dogging – v – The act of having sex in public parks while people watch.
  28. Dressing gown – n – A bathrobe.
  29. End-piece – n – End of the male genitalia – another way of saying “bell-end.”
  30. Fanny – n – A woman’s vagina. Not for use in polite conversation.
  31. Fit – adj – A word used to describe an attractive woman or male.
  32. Gagging – v – Desperate in a derogatory way. i.e. She was gagging for it.
  33. Get off – v – To make out with someone.
  34. Get your end away – v – To have sex.
  35. Growler – n – A very rude term for female genitals covered in pubic hair.
  36. John Thomas – n – Male genitalia. (It is not necessary for anyone to comment that my name is indeed Jonathan Thomas, almost every British person I meet reminds me of that!)
  37. Jubblies – n – A woman’s breasts.
  38. Kerb crawler – n – A person who solicits street prostitutes.
  39. Knackers – n – Vulgar name for testicles.
  40. Knickers – n – Women’s underwear, see pants.
  41. Knob – n – Male genitalia.
  42. Leg over – n – Sexual intercourse.
  43. Manky – adj – Dirty or filthy.
  44. Meat and two veg – n – Male external genitalia.
  45. Minge – n – Female genitalia, derogatory.
  46. Minger – adj – An ugly or filthy-minded person. There is usually an implication of poor hygiene or body odor in the usage.
  47. Naughty bits – n – A polite way to say male genitalia.
  48. On the pull – v – Out looking for sex.
  49. Pants – n – 1. Women’s underwear. 2. Something that is total crap.
  50. Pedo – n – Shorthand phrase for pedophile.
  51. Pervy – adj – Perverted.
  52. PMT – n – PMS
  53. Quim – n – Female genitalia.
  54. Randy – adj – To be sexually aroused.
  55. Rent boy – n – A male prostitute.
  56. Ring piece – n – The anus.
  57. Shag – v – To have sex.
  58. Slag – v – A whore. To call a woman a slag is a grievous insult.
  59. Snog – v – Passionate kissing, not sex.
  60. Starkers – v – To be completely naked.
  61. Stockings – n – Ladies tights.
  62. Strawberry Creams – n – A woman’s breasts.
  63. Stuffed – v – Sexual intercourse (i.e. ‘get stuffed’).
  64. Tart – n – Prostitute or loose woman.
  65. Thrupney bits – n – Woman’s breasts.
  66. Tights – n – Pantyhose.
  67. Undercarriage – n – 1. Male or female genitals. 2. The underside of your car.
  68. Up the duff – v – To be pregnant.
  69. Wank – v – To masturbate.
  70. Wanker – adj – Literally someone who enjoys to masturbate but usually used as an insult for an asshole.
  71. Y-fronts – n – Men’s undergarments.

Did we leave anything off the list? Please share it in the comments below!

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  1. avatarRodger Bourne says

    The word Bint is Arabic for woman. Used as a slang word by British soldiers returning from the Middle East . Nothing derogatory about it.

  2. avatar says

    You could also add

    Dirty Weekend- Dirty weekend is slang for a weekend spent having sex, usually away from home.

    “Something for the weekend” – Used in barbershops in reference to a condom. “I’ll have a shave, a haircut, and something for the weekend, please.”

  3. avatarrachel says

    it might be good to add that “clunge” isn’t real slang in Britain. It was created by Channel 4’s comedy show ‘The Inbetweeners’ (the original version not the weird us one) and usage is quite low in real life!

  4. avatarLynne Takara says

    My Dad said bint was Indian. He served on the Northwest. Frontier in the 1930’s, and picked it up there..,

  5. avatarMarge taylor says

    I think this article is disgusting i spent my first 20 years there and I never heard half of these words

    • avatarLinda Borg says

      I also entered a comment saying how disgusting this article is. I see that my comment was not published on this site. wonder why?

    • avatarAnon says

      I’ve not spent more than a couple weeks at a time in the UK and I’ve heard at least half of these.
      Then again, I do have interesting friends.

      If you found an article about slang in the bedroom disgusting, then I’d say you got your money’s worth, wouldn’t you?

  6. avatarSandra says

    You’re cracking me up JT! I know of an American guy whose real last name is Wank. He took a job in London and actually had to change his name!

    • avatar says

      There was someone where I live (I think he was/is a lawyer) named Richard Wacker. Think about that for a moment. A very prim and proper lady I used to work for said his name to me once and I cracked up.

  7. avatarMary Golden says

    I saw some of these words written on a wall in the women’s room at the Penzance RR station about ten years ago. Interesting to see what was meant by that bit of creative blather.

  8. avatar says

    I like your page, but your language posts are often wrong.
    I’ll just mention the first.All fur coat and no knickers does not mean ‘A woman who looks good on the surface but has no substance’. It means a woman who has spent a lot of time and effort trying to persuade the world that she is something better / classier than she is.

  9. avatarN G says

    There’s also regional variations. Born and bred Brit here, but some of these are almost unique to the Greater London area and rarely heard north of Birminham

  10. avatar says

    Tosser, male mastabator. Last seen on a restaurant salad cabinet on International Drive in Orlando, Florida where the managment had requested that ‘parties of 5 or more see the tosser’. I had to take him aside and explaian the word and why so many British tourist where falling about laughing, taking pictures and covering their childrens eyes.

  11. avatarEmmydoh says

    To tap off…..knock off….get lucky…pull .probs Northern Brit…but all meaning a pick up (for sex usually), generally from a pub or night club
    Knock off also means stolen goods…as does fallen off the back of a lorry
    To bang.= to have sex…but sadly to be banged up also means to have been beaten

    • avatarMaethordhinen says

      Banged Up also means to be put in prison.

      I’m a born and bred Englishman (NOT British), live in the north of England all my life, and as a previous commenter said, most of these are not said up north.

  12. avatarPJ says

    Well what about cunt for female genitalia of a more vulgar way to tell somebody you dislike to go away “fuck off you cunt”

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