BBC reports on excavation at Jane Austen’s home in the Hampshire Countryside

Contemporary drawings show what Jane Austen's house may have looked like

Contemporary drawings show what Jane Austen’s house may have looked like

According to a new BBC article, treasures found at the birthplace of Jane Austen shed  light on the life the author led while drafting the stories that became  Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensability.  While she wrote of wealthy ladies and gentlemen, it appears Ms. Austen led more of an average villager’s life. Austen was born in the house in the Hampshire countryside in 1775, and lived there for 25 years before her family moved to Bath. The house was razed shortly after the family moved away.

In 2011, volunteers excavated the field where Austen’s house once stood.  Items found at the site included 500 shards of pottery and cookery, and over 1,000 nails.  The nails helped shed light on what types of beams were used in the house, and the pottery showed Austen’s family followed the trends in china.  None of the house was left standing, other than a blocked-off well.  A more detailed report of the dig is due out later this year.
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  1. avatarDianne Sharples says

    I recently re-read both Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility and contiued to love them both. Jane Austen had a wonderful sense of humor! I will be interested to find out more about the results of the archelologic dig. Interesting that she lived an “average villager’s life.”

  2. avatar says

    Whoa, they’re excavating Jane Austen’s house? That’s so cool…in a weird kind of way. Learning about Jane Austen from pottery? Almost like she’s an ancient Greek.